Booths/ Exhibitions

Additional opportunities for the exchange of information are offered by the following booths in room H 0104D:

Association for Data-Intensive Radio Astronomy

(Verein für datenintensive Radioastronomie, VdR)


Visit our booth at the conference and delve into the world of the data-intensive radio astronomy. We are excited to introduce you to the captivating realm of radio astronomy and showcase how the German community of astronomers shapes the future of this fascinating science.

Data challenges in Radio Astronomy

German astronomers plays a pivotal role in international radio astronomy with its significant involvement in leading infrastructure such as LOFAR, MeerKAT, and the Square Kilometer Array (SKA). Those telescopes produce extensive and intricate datasets that require the development of innovative information technologies. Collaboration between research and industry partners is necessary to facilitate huge data flows and their efficient analysis.

Shaping the Future

Our association coordinates and supports the scientific, technical, and organizational aspects for developing, constructing, and networking the data infrastructure required for data-intensive radio telescopes. We represent the interests of participating universities and research institutions on both national and international levels.

A Shared Future with SKA

Of particular excitement are the data-intensive challenges posed by the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), allowing participating institutions and scientists to further expand their international leadership.

What to Expect at Our Booth?

  • Learn about the exciting projects we are working on and join our community.
  • Discover the latest developments in the field of radio astronomy.
  • Find out how your institution can become a part of our association.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth. Let us shape the future of data-intensive radio astronomy together!

German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO)

The German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory will have a booth at the AG Tagung, offering advice on using the Virtual Observatory, both to further your research and education efforts and to give your data more reach. Just drop by and talk to us. As usual, we will also give hints on how to solve our puzzler, a little astronomical problem solvable with VO tools. On Thursday afternoon we will raffle away our wonderful grand prize among the (roughly) correct solutions. Be sure not to miss this.

Springer-Verlag GmbH

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