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Exploring the power of optical telescope arrays

Alexis SmithNGTS: A twelve telescope array at ParanalContributed Talk
Anna FranckowiakWide-field linear optical polarization measurements with an array of small telescopesContributed Talk
Ansgar ReinersActivity monitoring telescope network in preparation of PLATOContributed Talk
C. FischerDesign and Assembly of a Light Distribution Point for the IAG FTSPoster
Kalaga MadhavMARCOT: A new approach to large aperture telescope Contributed Talk
Lukas StockImproving the accuracy of inexpensive out-of-the-shelf optical echelle spectrograghsContributed Talk
Marek KowalskiOptical Telescope Arrays for Astronomy in GermanyContributed Talk
Thomas GranzerRebuilding a TCS with Beckhoff PLCs-A hands-on experience of ATNGContributed Talk

Physics of compact objects: From observations to theoretical investigations

Ainara Saiz-PérezModelling the jet asymmetry in radio galaxiesContributed Talk
Christian FrommProbing the radiation microphysics around spinning black holes and relativistic jetsContributed Talk
Felix WillenborgWave optical image formation of exact scalar wave scattering in Kerr-de Sitter spacetimeContributed Talk
Gh. SalehA new explanation for dense and compact bodies in terms of softness and hardnessContributed Talk
Jacob Cardinal TremblayWide-band observations of pulsar radio emissionContributed Talk
Jan BenáčekLinear acceleration emission of interacting and overlapping plasma bunches in magnetospheres of neutron starsContributed Talk
Michael KramerQuasi-periodic sub-pulse structure: a unifying feature for radio-emitting neutron starsContributed Talk
Mohamad ShalabyTowards a Physical Understanding of Plasma Dynamics in the Vicinity of Compact ObjectsContributed Talk
Volker PerlickGravitational lensing by a Schwarzschild black hole surrounded by a plasmaContributed Talk
Walter WinterMulti-messenger signals from Tidal Disruption EventsContributed Talk

Perspektiven der Astrophysik in Deutschland 2025-2035

Rolf SchlichenmaierThe European Solar Telescope (EST)Contributed Talk

Astronomy and Education

Andreas SchulzDie Bewohnbarkeit unserer ErdeContributed Talk
Markus PösselDer Office of Astronomy for Education der IAU und Bildungsarbeit in DeutschlandContributed Talk
Simon KrausDas Moonbounce-Experiment – Didaktische Fragen rund um ein Projekt des Wissenschaftsjahrs 2023Contributed Talk

EScience, Machine Learning and Virtual Observatory

Andrea DierckeThe Science Data Center (SDC) at the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics (KIS)Contributed Talk
Arman Khalatyan, Harry EnkeWorkflow Organisation wit REANA (Hands-On)Contributed Talk
Harry EnkeTwo years PUNCH4NFDI Contributed Talk
Kai PolstererUsing HiPS to provide explorative access to large simulationsContributed Talk
Kai PolstererUsing HiPS to provide explorative access to large simulationsContributed Talk
Kirill MakanSciTrace Use-Case: Reusability of a Custom Data Reduction PipelineContributed Talk
Markus DemleitnerA Vector Extension for ADQLContributed Talk
Matthias SteinmetzDZA and infrastructure perspectives in German AstronomyContributed Talk
Michael KramerEffelsberg data for PUNCHContributed Talk
Nicola MalavasiReduction of MeerKAT interferometric data in PUNCH4NFDIContributed Talk
Ole StreicherMaintainance of IRAF legacy codeContributed Talk
Ondřej PodsztavekPredictive uncertainty and probability integral transform (PIT) histogram in astronomyContributed Talk
Sebastian Trujillo GomezUnsupervised learning for agnostic knowledge discovery from simulationsPoster
Yori FournierSciTrace: an approach to reuseability for scientific workflows in astronomyContributed Talk

Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets

Alexis SmithCHEOPS observations of the pulsating planetary system WASP-33Poster
Amith GovindClose stellar flyby and the evolution of Trans-Neptunian Objects: A Gigayear PerspectiveContributed Talk
Andreas BartenschlagerInvestigation of the Influence of Stellar Particle Events and Galactic Cosmic Rays on the Atmosphere of TRAPPIST-1eContributed Talk
Andreas QuirrenbachThe Habitable Worlds Observatory (HWO)Invited Talk
Ceren H. BayraktarPhotodynamical analysis of the exomoon candidate around Kepler-1513bPoster
Christiane HellingCharacterising the diversity of atmosphere regimes of gaseous exoplanets with virtual laboratories Invited Talk
Ekaterina IlinResolving the numbers and latitudes of flaring regions on low mass stars with KeplerPoster
Francesco Maria Flammini DottiThe role of the star cluster dynamics on the planetsContributed Talk
Gabriel-Dominique MarleauAccreting gas giants: Low H alpha emission efficiencyContributed Talk
Heike RauerExploring the Diversity of Extrasolar Planets – A DFG Priority ProgramContributed Talk
Heike RauerThe PLATO Mission - An OverviewContributed Talk
J. CabreraAn enhanced view on the properties of the TOI-178 systemContributed Talk
Jan-Vincent HarreThe orbit of Warm Jupiter WASP-106 b is aligned with its StarContributed Talk
Kristine LamKESPRINT view of small transiting planets and the discovery of TOI-2290bContributed Talk
Leonard BenkendorffHot Jupiter formation in Dense Star ClustersContributed Talk
Monika Lendl3.5 years of exoplanet characterisation with CHEOPSInvited Talk
Philipp BaumeisterRedox state and interior structure control on the long-term habitability of exoplanetsContributed Talk
René HellerLarge Exomoons unlikely around Kepler-1625 b and Kepler-1708 bContributed Talk
Rengel, MiriamAn overview on Radiative Transfer, Inversion codes, and atomic-molecular databases for (exo)planetary atmospheric characterizationContributed Talk
Sascha P. QuanzThe LIFE initiative - atmospheric characterization of terrestrial exoplanets in the mid-infrared with a large space-based nulling interferometerInvited Talk

Colloquium of the Working Group History of Astronomy in the Astronomical Society

Grußworte / WelcomeContributed Talk
Dietrich Lemke (Heidelberg)Erlebte Geschichte - Das James-Webb-Space-Telescope -- Von der Idee zur MissionContributed Talk
Gudrun Wolfschmidt (Hamburg)Von der klassischen Astronomie zur theoretischen Astrophysik: 150 Jahre - Karl Schwarzschild (1873--1916) und Ejnar Hertzsprung (1873--1967) - Pioniere der theoretischen Astrophysik (Einführung)Contributed Talk
Maik Schmerbauch (Berlin)Hans Kienle (1895-1975) - Wissenschaftler zwischen Astrophysik und Politik im 20. JahrhundertContributed Talk
Markus Bautsch (Berlin)Die von Johann Jakob Balmer gefundenen Zahlenverhältnisse bei den Spektrallinien des WasserstoffsContributed Talk
Ralph Neuhäuser (Jena) & Dagmar L. Neuhäuser (Meran, Italien)Die rasche Evolution von Beteigeuze durch die Hertzsprung-Lücke vom gelben zum roten Überriesen in historischer ZeitContributed Talk
Stefan L. Wolff (München)Vertreibung und Emigration von Astrophysikern im NationalsozialismusContributed Talk
Xian Wu (Dresden)Heinrich Kaysers "Handbuch der Spectroscopie" (1900-1934) und dessen Bedeutung für die Entwicklung der AstrophysikContributed Talk

Revisiting the nature of (hot) stars, X-ray binaries, and supernova: the main feedback agents in galaxies near and far

Andreas SanderMassive, hydrogen-deficient stars as sources of strong ionizing fluxContributed Talk
Daniel PauliDo stars in binaries evolve differently at low metallicity?Contributed Talk
H. TodtWind properties of Wolf-Rayet-type central stars of planetary nebulaeContributed Talk
Luis AbaloLong-term monitoring study of Vela X-1 in the 2–10 keV energy bandContributed Talk
Sabela Reyero SerantesAnalysis of the UV spectrum of Holmberg II X-1Contributed Talk
Susanne BlexThe rotation of single and binary O-stars in the Milky WayContributed Talk

Bridging Theory and Observations of the Interstellar Medium

B. ZimmermannFeedback and SFE in High Mass Star-Forming Regions - Confronting Simulations and ObservationsContributed Talk
Christoph PfrommerCosmic ray feedback and magnetic dynamos in the interstellar mediumContributed Talk
Gordian EdenhoferOur dusty Milky Way in 3D at parsec-scale resolution out to 1.25 kiloparsec in distanceContributed Talk
Jonathan MackeySimulating nebulae around hot starsContributed Talk
Maria WerhahnA multi-frequency view on simulating galaxy formation with cosmic raysContributed Talk
T.-E. RathjenGas kinematics and multiphase galactic outflows of the simulated ISMContributed Talk
Tassilo SchefflerHydrodynamical Simulations on the Origin and Evolution of the eROSITA BubblesContributed Talk
Timon ThomasCosmic rays in the interstellar medium: thermodynamics, galactic winds, and observablesContributed Talk

Junge AG - Young AG

Katharina EggDark matter decay feature search toward the galactic bulge and haloContributed Talk
Markus HundertmarkAn introduction to the Junge Astronomische GesellschaftContributed Talk
Maximilian AltYouth's research talk: Determination of the Hubble Constant by 1a supernovaeInvited Talk
Pierre Colin NürnbergerSink formation criteria on galaxy scale simulationsPoster

The NewAthena Mission - Science with the next-generation European X-ray observatory

Aurora SimionescuThe Hot Universe: thermodynamics, kinematics, and chemistry of the diffuse plasma permeating the cosmic webInvited Talk
Elisa CostantiniThe Observatory Science of NewAthena: exploring thermal and non-thermal processes in our Galaxy and beyond Invited Talk
F. PacaudThe large-scale-structure of the Universe as seen by AthenaContributed Talk
Francisco J. CarreraThe NewAthena X-ray observatory: flagship science on the Energetic UniverseInvited Talk
Luis AbaloAthena, the next-generation X-ray observatory: synchrotron facilities for the assembly and characterization of Silicon Pore OpticsPoster
Matteo GuainazziNewAthena mission statusInvited Talk

Public Outreach in der Astronomie

Björn VossNew public planetarium materials, communicating recent exoplanet researchContributed Talk
Eva JütteBochumer Aktivitäten im WissenschaftsjahrContributed Talk
F. Mokler, J. Fohlmeister, T. F. HornUniverse on TourContributed Talk
Janine FohlmeisterBEAM ME UP - einmal Milchstraße und zurückContributed Talk
Jessica KochMoonBounce - Eine Reise zum Mond und zurückContributed Talk
Manfred GaidaDas Schulplanetarium in Köln-Nippes – ein Lernort für Astronomie und AstrophysikContributed Talk
Markus PösselUnser größtes Auge im All: eine JWST-Wanderausstellung im Wissenschaftsjahr 2023Contributed Talk
Markus Pössel (Moderator)Allgemeine Diskussion: Wissenschaftsjahr 2023, ZukunftsperspektivenContributed Talk
Norbert JunkesVon der Erde zum Mond - Erweiterungsstationen für die astronomischen Wanderwege am Radioteleskop EffelsbergContributed Talk

Protection of astronomy from anthropogenic electromagnetic interference

Andreas HänelFinding the darkest places in Germany and Central EuropeContributed Talk
Andreas HänelRegulations against light pollution in Germany and other European countriesContributed Talk
Felicitas MoklerWill we lose the sky to megaconstellations or can we still prevent it? Contributed Talk
Gyula I. G. JózsaLOFAR observations of Starlink satellitesContributed Talk
Gyula I. G. JózsaRadio astronomy protection in GermanyContributed Talk

Supernova remnants and the hot interstellar medium

Christoph PfrommerSupernova remnants as laboratories for studying cosmic ray acceleration and transportContributed Talk
Ekaterina MakarenkoX-ray emission from cooling supernova shocks in (M)HD simulationsContributed Talk
Jonathan MackeyX-rays from shocked stellar winds in single and binary star systemsContributed Talk
Martin KrauseTracing massive star ejecta through the Galaxy with radioactive decay linesContributed Talk
Michael YeungDecomposing the diffuse soft X-ray emission with eROSITAContributed Talk
Mohamad ShalabyThe mechanism of efficient electron acceleration at parallel non-relativistic electron-ion shocksContributed Talk
Rohit DokaraMilky Way's missing supernova remnant problemContributed Talk

SOFIA Scientific Highlights

Aaron BryantFar-Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy of the Galactic Centre's Circumnuclear DiskContributed Talk
Agata KarskaSOFIA FIFI-LS spectroscopy of DR21 Main: energetics of the spatially-resolved outflow from a high-mass protostarContributed Talk
Andre BeckInfrared view of the multi-phase ISM in the nucleus of NGC 253Contributed Talk
Bernhard SchulzSOFIA's Legacy and What Comes NextContributed Talk
Christian AndreasInvestigation of periodic maser outbursts in young stars with SOFIAContributed Talk
Christian FischerHighlights of pubished and unpublished FIFI-LS/SOFIA DataContributed Talk
Cristian GuevaraThe hidden neutral oxygen in M17SWContributed Talk
Eduard KeilmannFEEDBACK observations of RCW79Contributed Talk
G.W. FuchsThe envelopes of Late-type stars seen in the infrared at high spectral resolutionContributed Talk
Hans ZinneckerSOFIA highlights in star formatiomContributed Talk
Helmut WiesemeyerIsotopic abundance patterns as witnesses of primordial nucleosynthesis, protostellar evolution, evaporating oceans, and lifeContributed Talk
Rainer BeckExtragalactic Magnetism with SOFIA (SALSA Legacy Program)Poster
Rengel, MiriamCharacterizing Titan's Stratospheric Gas Composition: Insights from Space, Ground, and Airborne ObservatoriesInvited Talk
Slawa KabanovicThe formation and physical conditions of molecular clods revealed by the [CII], CO and HI lines.Contributed Talk
Thanh Dat HoangVelocity-resolved high-J CO emission from high-mass star-forming regionsContributed Talk
Thomas SperlingProbing protostellar outflows in the far-infrared [OI] lines with SOFIA/FIFI-LS Contributed Talk
Verena WolfA posteriori disclosure of the most powerful protostellar accretion burst with HAWC+Contributed Talk
Wonju KimHyGAL: Characterizing the Galactic ISM - SOFIA observations of atomic O, OH, and CHContributed Talk

Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Solar Flares, CMEs, and other Transient Events

Alexander WarmuthUnderstanding solar flares: prospects and challenges in the era of Solar OrbiterInvited Talk
Andrea DierckeInvestigating Counter-streaming Flows prior to a Solar Filament EruptionPoster
Bernhard KliemFlux-rope nonequilibrium in the slow-rise phase of solar eruptionsPoster
Christoph KuckeinChromospheric solar flare dynamics: Insights from the Ca II 854.2 nm and He I 1083.0 nm linesContributed Talk
Hemanth PruthviTautenburg Solar Laboratory (TauSoL) as a pathfinder towards SPRINGContributed Talk
Jan BenáčekElectron-cyclotron emission model of solar radio zebras with high gyro-harmonic numbersContributed Talk
Jens BerdermannConsequences of transient solar events for our technological infrastructure and observational requirements to mitigate their impactContributed Talk
Lakshmi Pradeep ChittaHow small-scale magnetic processes build the solar corona and drive the solar windInvited Talk
Mohamad ShalabyA new Cosmic-ray driven instabilityContributed Talk
Oskar SteinerSimulations of the small-scale surface dynamo of cool main-sequence starsPoster
Oskar SteinerVortices and Alfvén pulses in the simulated solar atmospherePoster
Patricio A. MuñozElectron inertia effects in 3D hybrid-kinetic collisionless plasma turbulenceContributed Talk

General Poster

Ayesha Arshad ArainA closer look at the Hot Subdwarf population: the SED fitting approachPoster
Chandana HegdeInvestigating Ring-Like Structures in Vertical Shear Instability of Protoplanetary DisksPoster
Cinta VidanteLocalizing a giant flare on a young scallop-shell starPoster
Fabian BalzerVIRUS eROSITA Galaxy Cluster spectroscopic follow-upPoster
Fatima WaqarClassification of B-type hot subdwarf candidatesPoster
Gh. SalehA new explanation for the nature and other properties of neutrinosPoster
Gh. SalehNew Discovery of Virtual Waves in the World (New Discovery of Celestial Mirages)Poster
Gh. SalehNew explanation about the structure of black holesPoster
Hanna Lina Pleteit2nd generation etalons for CARMENES - towards 10 cm/s precisionPoster
Judy CheblyNumerical quantification of the wind properties of cool main sequence starsPoster
Laura CedielA Search For Magnetic Hot Subdwarfs In SDSS And LAMOSTPoster
Maik SowinskiIdentification and Classification of Young Star ClustersPoster
Maryam RaouphProspects of Plate Archive Photometric Calibration by GAIA SED fluxesPoster
Niklas Bauer, Rudi ReinhardtGamma Ray Line Emission from decaying Al-26 inside the Local BubblePoster
Samaneh ZahmatkeshfilabiSpectroscopic Analysis of Eclipsing Hot Subdwarf BinariesPoster
Saurabh MittalStellar flares to explain the galactic 511 keV emissionPoster
Steven HämmerichX-ray properties of blazars using eROSITAPoster
Thomas SperlingOutflow activity and microjets in the PENELLOPE samplePoster

Plenary Talks

OpeningInvited Talk
Adriaan RaapKarl Schwarzschild and Ejnar Hertzsprung in Potsdam: 1910-1916Invited Talk
Anthony BrownGaia: supermarket for astronomersInvited Talk
Astrophysical Instrumentation Award Talk - Frank EisenhauerAstronomy at Highest Angular Resolution - Adaptive Optics, Interferometry and Black HolesInvited Talk
Dominik RiechersNew Insights on Stellar Mass Assembly since the Dawn of Cosmic TimeInvited Talk
Elisa ResconiA new view on the Universe: Neutrino Astronomy with IceCubeInvited Talk
Karl Schwarzschild Lecture - Thomas HenningFrom the Karl Schwarzschild Observatory to JWSTInvited Talk
Kathryn KreckelResolving the Baryon Cycle on Nearby GalaxiesInvited Talk
Kevin HengTheory of Exoplanet atmospheresInvited Talk
Laura KreidbergPlanets are Places: Exoplanet Atmosphere Characterisation in the JWSTInvited Talk
Lena NoackPhysics of planetary interiorsInvited Talk
Ludwig Biermann Award Talk - Dominika WylezalekTracing AGN feedback across cosmic time and from small to large scalesInvited Talk
Michael SchulreichThe supernova link between the Local Bubble and deep sea radioisotopesInvited Talk
Miguel A. de AvillezNumerical Simulations of the Dynamical and Ionic Evolution of the Interstellar MediumInvited Talk
PhD Prize Talk - Annika RudolphExploring Multi-Messenger Emission from Gamma-Ray BurstsInvited Talk
Rolf KuiperAdvances in high-mass star formationInvited Talk
Selma de MinkStellar Physics and Binary Evolution in the Era of Gravitational WavesInvited Talk
Silvia ZhuRecent results on gamma-ray bursts: What we can learn from the BOATInvited Talk
Tim DietrichInterpreting the multi-messenger picture drawn by compact binary mergersInvited Talk
Volker HeesenRecent insights on galactic magnetic fields and cosmic ray electron transport from LOFARInvited Talk