Invited Talk - Splinter Exoplanets

Friday, 15 September 2023, 16:15   (H 3007)

3.5 years of exoplanet characterisation with CHEOPS

Monika Lendl
University of Geneva

Characterising Exoplanets Satellite (CHEOPS) is the first ESA space mission dedicated to the study of known exoplanets. The satellite, carrying a 30cm photometric telescope, was launched in December 2019 and commenced science operations in March 2020. CHEOPS is performing ultra-high precision photometry of exoplanetary systems with the sensitivity needed to characterise small planets transiting Solar-type stars. CHEOPS is improving density measurements of low-mass planets, detecting and confirming small planets orbiting bright host stars and resolving the architectures of key exoplanet systems. CHEOPS also probes planetary atmospheres through measurements of the planetary day side flux encoded in secondary eclipses and collects longitudinal brightness maps of several key exoplanets through full-orbit phase-curve observations. I will report on highlights of the 3.5-year long nominal mission of CHEOPS and give an outlook on what’s to be expected from its first extension lasting until December 2026. I will further explore the synergies between CHEOPS and other facilities, and how these will be driving exoplanet science throughout the 2020ies.