Splinter Meeting Solar

Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Solar Flares, CMEs, and other Transient Events

Time: Friday September 15, 14:00-15:45 and 16:15-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: H 3005

Convenor(s): A. Diercke [1], C. Kuckein [2], S. J. González Manrique [1], R. Kiefer [1], I. Milic [1], I. Kontogiannis [3], B. Kliem [4]
[1] KIS Freiburg, [2] IAC, [3] AIP Potsdam, [4] Uni Potsdam

Solar flares and CMEs are some of the most energetic phenomena in the heliosphere, with the potential to cause significant disruption of technological infrastructure on Earth. Transient events range from large-scale structures such as CMEs to small-scale highly dynamic phenomena (e.g., spicules, jets, waves, Ellerman bombs), which are important for understanding the dynamics of the Sun's atmosphere, including its heating, and the processes that drive its activity.
This splinter meeting will bring together researchers from all areas of solar physics and heliophysics to discuss the latest observations and models of transient events at all scales.
The aim is to advance our understanding of solar flares, CMEs, and other transient events combining a variety of data sources including ground-based and space-based observatories, as well as numerical simulations. Topics to be covered in this splinter include the physical mechanisms that trigger these events, their evolution on different spatial and temporal scales, and the techniques used to observe and model these phenomena. The field is constantly evolving making it a fascinating and exciting area of research. We are welcoming contributions in the form of talks and posters from both observers and theorists, and encourage in particular early career scientists to apply.


Friday September 15, 14:00-15:45 Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Solar Flares, CMEs, and other Transient Events (H 3005)

14:00  Alexander Warmuth:
Understanding solar flares: prospects and challenges in the era of Solar Orbiter

14:30  Christoph Kuckein:
Chromospheric solar flare dynamics: Insights from the Ca II 854.2 nm and He I 1083.0 nm lines

14:45  Oskar Steiner:
Vortices and Alfvén pulses in the simulated solar atmosphere

15:00  Patricio A. Muñoz:
Electron inertia effects in 3D hybrid-kinetic collisionless plasma turbulence

15:15  Hemanth Pruthvi:
Tautenburg Solar Laboratory (TauSoL) as a pathfinder towards SPRING

15:30  Jens Berdermann:
Consequences of transient solar events for our technological infrastructure and observational requirements to mitigate their impact

Friday September 15, 16:15-18:00 Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Solar Flares, CMEs, and other Transient Events (H 3005)

16:15  Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta:
How small-scale magnetic processes build the solar corona and drive the solar wind

16:45  Jan Benáček:
Electron-cyclotron emission model of solar radio zebras with high gyro-harmonic numbers

17:00  Mohamad Shalaby:
A new Cosmic-ray driven instability

17:15  Bernhard Kliem:
Flux-rope nonequilibrium in the slow-rise phase of solar eruptions

17:17  Andrea Diercke:
Investigating Counter-streaming Flows prior to a Solar Filament Eruption

17:19  Oskar Steiner:
Simulations of the small-scale surface dynamo of cool main-sequence stars

17:21  open discussion at the posters of the splinter session

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