Contributed Talk - Splinter SOFIA

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 14:35   (H 3006)

Highlights of pubished and unpublished FIFI-LS/SOFIA Data

C. Fischer(1), A. Krabbe(1), C. Iserlohe(1), D. Fadda(2), W. Vacca(3), S. Madden(4) and the FIFI-LS Team
(1) Deutsches SOFIA Istitut, University of Stuttgart; (2) USRA-SOFIA; (3) Norilab; (4) Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA)

The Far Infrared Field-Imaging Line Spectrometer (FIFI-LS) was one of the instruments on SOFIA. Commissioned in 2014 it served the community until the end of science operation in 2022 on a total of 132 science flights in the northern and southern hemisphere. With its combination of sensitivity, medium spectral resolution and simultaneous spectral and spatial coverage it was used in a diverse array of science programs. We will give examples of FIFI-LS science from existing publications and provide insight into the different types of archival data yet available with FIFI-LS. We will also present some new results on the ionized gas in the star burst galaxy M82 to show that there is still new science to be expected from SOFIA/FIFI-LS.