Poster - Splinter General   (H 0104 / virtual plenum)

New explanation about the structure of black holes

Gh. Saleh
Saleh Research Centre

a) How black holes were formed? b) What is the internal structure of black hole like? c) How is the life of black holes? d) What is the end of the life of a black hole? These are the most important questions about the black hole since black holes were discovered. The universe, after big bang, goes to lower density and the density of a black hole is extremely high, like protons (10^18 kg/m^3). So, although black holes are crate from stars, we can conclude that some of the nuclei of black holes could create from big bang moment. Taking into account that a black hole, like stars, has a surrounding area and the more compact center, we should think about the creation of this center from big bang moment too. In this paper we will introduce three possible ways in which the black holes could be created, its structure, the end of black hole, etc.