Poster - Splinter General   (H 0104 / virtual plenum)

New Discovery of Virtual Waves in the World (New Discovery of Celestial Mirages)

Gh. Saleh
Saleh Research Centre

We have blueshift/redshift phenomenon in the world, the change in frequency due to changes in the speed of the light source. This phenomenon is a natural phenomenon that the eye, telescope or any observer actually perceives, but it is not real. We have already calculated that at a distance of approximately 10^25 meters up to 10^26 ‌ meters, the phenomenon of redshift/blueshift is in the range of visible light. But if the distance is more than 10^26 meters, it can be said that in that area invisible objects become visible and visible objects become invisible and "high shift” and "low shift” will begin. For a better understanding, pay attention to the mirage phenomenon on earth, this is an actual phenomenon, the observer's eye perceives it correctly, but it is not real. Therefore, the universe can be divided into regions as follows: The “Real” region (a: R= 0 ~ r1) is where the speed of the received light is about the speed of light and the speed of the light source is much slower than the speed of light. This region is located in cluster area. If we receive a light from outside the cluster, for example from another cluster, we have entered the “redshift and blueshift” area (b: R= r1 ~ r2). We have this phenomenon, redshift and blueshift, maximum in the supercluster. In this article we will explain more about the problem and also initiate solution.