Contributed Talk - Splinter EScience

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 14:25   (H 3005)

The Science Data Center (SDC) at the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics (KIS)

P. Caligari, A. Diercke, SDC Team
Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics (KIS)

The Science Data Center (SDC) is a distributed solar community platform to curate, archive, and analyse solar observational data from a heterogeneous group of mainly ground-based instruments, providing standardised, ready-to-use higher-level data derivatives and novel high-quality analysis tools. Solar data is rather large, metadata-heavy, complex and inhomogeneous, making archiving difficult. In line with the principles of the European Open Science Cloud and the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) data framework, the solar physics community demands efficient handling, calibration, and analysis of substantial data volumes. Equally vital is the development of advanced data search tools that guarantee data's discoverability, accessibility, and reusability. Moreover, the data and data derivatives are subject to varying embargo conditions requiring universal compliance across all participating sites. We present the status quo of the project, detailing currently available data, data products and tools, show the current setup, sizing, and technical underpinnings (which ensure compatibility with similar national and European data efforts), and end by giving a short outlook to the immediate future and next steps.