Splinter Meeting SNR

Supernova remnants and the hot interstellar medium

Time: Tuesday September 12, 14:00-16:30 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: H 2035

Convenor(s): Manami Sasaki [1], Werner Becker [2], Gerd Pühlhofer [3]
[1] Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg, [2] MPE Garching, [3] Uni Tübingen

Massive stars ionise and heat the ambient interstellar medium (ISM) through their stellar winds, which cause strong interstellar shocks. The shocks in supernova remnants (SNRs) heat the ISM as well and create new interstellar structures. Through the stellar and supernova feedback, elements processed in stars and in the explosions are distributed in the ISM. In addition, particles are accelerated to relativistic energies. In this splinter meeting we would like to discuss new observational and theoretical studies of stellar winds, SN explosions, SNRs, hot plasma in the ISM, and cosmic ray acceleration throughout the electromagnetic spectrum.


Tuesday September 12, 14:00-16:30 Supernova remnants and the hot interstellar medium (H 2035)

14:00  Jonathan Mackey:
X-rays from shocked stellar winds in single and binary star systems

14:20  Ekaterina Makarenko:
X-ray emission from cooling supernova shocks in (M)HD simulations

14:40  Martin Krause:
Tracing massive star ejecta through the Galaxy with radioactive decay lines

15:00  Michael Yeung:
Decomposing the diffuse soft X-ray emission with eROSITA

15:20  Rohit Dokara:
Milky Way's missing supernova remnant problem

15:40  Christoph Pfrommer:
Supernova remnants as laboratories for studying cosmic ray acceleration and transport

16:00  Mohamad Shalaby:
The mechanism of efficient electron acceleration at parallel non-relativistic electron-ion shocks

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