Splinter Meeting Denkschrift

Perspektiven der Astrophysik in Deutschland 2025-2035

Time: Wednesday September 13, 14:00-15:45 and 16:15-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: H 0104

Convenor(s): M. Kramer [1], S. Walch-Gassner [2], J. Wilms [3]
[1] MPI für Radioastronomie, Bonn, [2] Universität zu Köln, [3] Dr. Karl Remeis Sternwarte Bamberg & ECAP (FAU)

The "Denkschrift Astronomie" is the central strategic planning document for German astronomy for the next decade. Since the publication of the last Denkschrift in 2017 (https://denkschrift2017.de) important changes have happened in the international and German scientific landscape that necessitate a revision of these plans. Among others, these changes include: the foundation of the German Centre for Astronomy in the Lusatia region, the detection of gravitational waves with Earth-bound detectors, the discovery of electromagnetic signals from gravitational wave events, Germany officially joining the Square Kilometre Array, the decision that the Cherenkov Telescope Array will be a general user facility, and the publication of new European roadmaps for Astronomy and Astroparticle Physics, but also the end of operations for SOFIA, schedule changes in ground- and space-based astronomy infrastructure efforts, and the effects of increased inflation, and the increased needs for sustainable astronomy and the relationship between astronomy and society as a whole. Obviously, an update - not a complete rewrite - of the Denkschrift appears prudent.
This splinter will be a first community meeting to discuss the issues affecting astronomy and related fields such as astroparticle physics in the next decade in order to plan the science case for the updated Denkschrift. It will consist of brief presentations on the science areas in the Denkschrift, followed by structured discussion sessions.


Wednesday September 13, 14:00-15:45 Perspektiven der Astrophysik in Deutschland 2031-2044 (H 0104)

14:00  Kramer/Wilms/Walch:
Denkschrift Process 2024/2025

14:30  Wilms for Geier/Roth:
Stellar Astrophysics (coord: Geier/Roth)

14:55  Rauer/Reiners:
Planetary Systems and Habitability (coord Rauer/Reiners/Poppenhaeger)

15:20  Sasaki/Wolf:
Circuit of Cosmic Matter (coord: Sasaki/Wolf)

Wednesday September 13, 16:15-18:00 Perspektiven der Astrophysik in Deutschland 2031-2044 (H 0104)

16:15  NN:
Milky Way and Local Group (coord: Walcher)

16:40  Kadler:
Galaxies and AGN (coord: Kadler/Foerster-Schreiber)

17:05  Reiprich:
Cosmology, Large Scale Structure, and young universe (coord: Reiprich/Komatsu)

17:30  NN:
Extreme conditions in the cosmos, fundamental astrophysics (coord:Tjus/Rezzola/Elsässer)

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