Contributed Talk - Splinter Protection

Thursday, 14 September 2023, 14:05   (H 2035)

Regulations against light pollution in Germany and other European countries

Andreas Hänel
Dark Sky Germany

Mainly due to the rapid decline of insects, the federal nature protection law has been changed implementing regulations against light pollution. Some countries like Bayern, Baden-Württemberg, Hessen have implemented even stronger regulations. Further actions are proposed in the recent federal biodiversity strategy 2030, that the increase of light pollution shall be stopped till 2030 and 10% of the area of Germany shall have natural dark skies, which remains to be defined for Germany. Other initiatives are voluntary an mostly aim at public lighting, like lighting management plans for dark sky places, municipal lighting plans or communal regulations. However driving force for many communities is the saving of money. Contrary in France, the reduction of artificial lighting at night is already regulated by law, but many municipalities reduce nocturnal lighting also for ecological reasons.