Invited Talk - Plenary

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 11:30   (H 0104 / virtual plenum)

Exploring Multi-Messenger Emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts

Annika Rudolph
Niels Bohr International Academy, Copenhagen

Due to the large amounts of energy they release, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) have long been proposed to be the sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs). This paradigm is however challenged by the absence of observed high-energy neutrinos that could be associated with known GRBs. Interpreting the resulting limits requires sophisticated source models that make multi-messenger predictions including photons, neutrinos and cosmic rays. Utilizing such a model, I will explain how multi-wavelength and neutrino observations combined can constrain the amount of UHECRs in a GRB, high lighting the sub-classes of very dim and very bright events.