Contributed Talk - Splinter SOFIA

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 16:00   (H 3006)

SOFIA FIFI-LS spectroscopy of DR21 Main: energetics of the spatially-resolved outflow from a high-mass protostar

Agata Karska (1), Miguel Figueira (2), Agnieszka Mirocha (3), Iason Skretas (1), Andre Beck (4), Christian Fischer (4), Randolf Klein (5), Maja Kazmierczak-Barthel (4), Helmut Wiesemeyer (1) et al.
(1) MPIfR, Bonn (2) NCBJ, Warsaw (3) UJ, Cracow (4) Deutsches SOFIA Institut, University of Stuttgart (5) USRA-SOFIA

Massive star formation is associated with energetic processes that may influence the physics and chemistry of parental molecular clouds and even impact the galaxy's evolution. DR21 Main drives one of the largest and most luminous outflows ever detected in the Galaxy and hosts an HII region in its center. We used the FIFI-LS instrument onboard SOFIA to quantify spatially-resolved far-infrared emission of high-J CO, OH, [O I], [C II], and [OIII] lines. In my talk, I will present FIFI-LS maps of DR21 Main revealing its complex physical structure. I will show how the physical conditions of molecular, atomic, and ionic gas vary along the DR21 Main outflow. Finally, I will discuss the outflow energetics derived from far-infrared lines, and compare it to recent measurements based on the HCO+ from the CASCADE survey.