Poster Presentations

Room: H 2037 and H 2038

Poster presentations have to be provided in printed form. The format should not exceed DIN A0 portrait (841 mm width x 1189 mm height). Poster space will be available for display during the whole week of the conference.

In addition, a PDF version of each poster should be sent to and will be made available for online participants of the conference.

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Exploring the power of optical telescope arrays

C. FischerDesign and Assembly of a Light Distribution Point for the IAG FTSPoster

EScience, Machine Learning and Virtual Observatory

Sebastian Trujillo GomezUnsupervised learning for agnostic knowledge discovery from simulationsPoster

Exploring the diversity of extrasolar planets

Alexis SmithCHEOPS observations of the pulsating planetary system WASP-33Poster
Ceren H. BayraktarPhotodynamical analysis of the exomoon candidate around Kepler-1513bPoster
Ekaterina IlinResolving the numbers and latitudes of flaring regions on low mass stars with KeplerPoster

Junge AG - Young AG

Pierre Colin NürnbergerSink formation criteria on galaxy scale simulationsPoster

The NewAthena Mission - Science with the next-generation European X-ray observatory

Luis AbaloAthena, the next-generation X-ray observatory: synchrotron facilities for the assembly and characterization of Silicon Pore OpticsPoster

SOFIA Scientific Highlights

Rainer BeckExtragalactic Magnetism with SOFIA (SALSA Legacy Program)Poster

Exploring the Causes and Consequences of Solar Flares, CMEs, and other Transient Events

Andrea DierckeInvestigating Counter-streaming Flows prior to a Solar Filament EruptionPoster
Bernhard KliemFlux-rope nonequilibrium in the slow-rise phase of solar eruptionsPoster
Oskar SteinerSimulations of the small-scale surface dynamo of cool main-sequence starsPoster
Oskar SteinerVortices and Alfvén pulses in the simulated solar atmospherePoster

General Poster

Ayesha Arshad ArainA closer look at the Hot Subdwarf population: the SED fitting approachPoster
Chandana HegdeInvestigating Ring-Like Structures in Vertical Shear Instability of Protoplanetary DisksPoster
Cinta VidanteLocalizing a giant flare on a young scallop-shell starPoster
Fabian BalzerVIRUS eROSITA Galaxy Cluster spectroscopic follow-upPoster
Fatima WaqarClassification of B-type hot subdwarf candidatesPoster
Gh. SalehA new explanation for the nature and other properties of neutrinosPoster
Gh. SalehNew Discovery of Virtual Waves in the World (New Discovery of Celestial Mirages)Poster
Gh. SalehNew explanation about the structure of black holesPoster
Hanna Lina Pleteit2nd generation etalons for CARMENES - towards 10 cm/s precisionPoster
Judy CheblyNumerical quantification of the wind properties of cool main sequence starsPoster
Laura CedielA Search For Magnetic Hot Subdwarfs In SDSS And LAMOSTPoster
Maik SowinskiIdentification and Classification of Young Star ClustersPoster
Maryam RaouphProspects of Plate Archive Photometric Calibration by GAIA SED fluxesPoster
Niklas Bauer, Rudi ReinhardtGamma Ray Line Emission from decaying Al-26 inside the Local BubblePoster
Samaneh ZahmatkeshfilabiSpectroscopic Analysis of Eclipsing Hot Subdwarf BinariesPoster
Saurabh MittalStellar flares to explain the galactic 511 keV emissionPoster
Steven HämmerichX-ray properties of blazars using eROSITAPoster
Thomas SperlingOutflow activity and microjets in the PENELLOPE samplePoster